nice brc

a nice token for nice people to do nice things on bitcoin.

a growing collective of projects, developers, artists and innovators collaborating to bring purpose and fun through brc-20 use cases.

fair launch and free to claim. 
satoshi is watching.
don't be greedy and make sure you share.
everyone deserves something nice.

just an experiment. nfa dyor. 
now fully minted out.
more info coming soon.

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brc-20 are a way to make altcoins on top of bitcoin using ordinal inscriptions.
Check out BRC-20 Documentation.

none reserved and they are free to mint.
open to all and live since march 22nd.
the deployer of the token has not mass minted tokens and hopes others will share as well.
the goal is distribution!
nice cannot be used if people don't have it so spread it around!

easiest way is through
they have an amazing service that is totally worth the small fee they take.

you can always inscribe nice mints yourself if you are savvy
but be sure to check its not minted out first, again through

there is max of 69 per mint transaction.
while there are no restrictions on multiple mints please remember to share.
the hope is to have a highly distributed launch with as many members/holders as possible.
if you mint some send some to someone else!
don't be greedy, everyone deserves something nice.

theres 69420 total tokens. isn't that nice enough?

also, the intent is for these to be used in cool new technological ways.
they are in no way a promise of value and only as useful as what builders do with them.

no one and do what ever you want with them!
the token and site was created by @HIDDENL0TUS

mint some and build!
follow the twitter and contact there.
we may be working on a discord.